and be ready for anything!

CPR  First Aid  injury prevention
for little ones!

Know More Oopsies & Ouchies was born from a response to the community's needs.

While we cannot predict an injury or accident, we can be prepared as our little one explores and develops.  Being equipped with infant + child first aid  and safety knowledge is essential.  We feel that concious parenting means embracing the powerful belief systems behind awareness and preparedness. 

We offer immersive, online, hands-on public and private courses taught by expert educators. 


about us!

"When I contacted Oopsies and Ouchies I was expecting to learn more about the procedures that I would need to know in case I have an emergency with my 17 months daughter. Marla was fantastic, she taught me everything that I need to know and more. She went through all the oopsies and ouchies that could potentially happen to my daughter and how should I deal with each one of them. She taught me CPR procedures step by step and repeated the technique as many times as I needed. She went through all my questions and only left when I had all my answers. I strong recommend Oopsies and Ouchies and I think that all parents should do take the course!"

- Livia Loureiro, 08/12/19

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