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Conscious parenting.


Oopsies & ouchies are a part of growing up. They happen when our little ones are exploring and evolving. Learning how to prevent, recognize and respond in the event of an accident or emergency is essential.  There are times we may pick our little one up and snuggle them until they feel better, yet there are also times that it is imperative that we seek medical attention and lay next to them until help arrives. 


Our expert educators will guide you through the most common baby and child first aid topics.  You will be a part of an immersive learning environment where you can discuss, practice and ask any questions you may have.  We want you to learn what's best for your family and practice conious parenting.

We have the ability to be self-empowered beings, and at Know More Oopsies & Ouchies, this ability is within your reach.  

Learn on-line
from the comfort of your home
Computer Screen

Currently, all of our courses are now available online!

Join in from the comfort of your own home

Customizable workshops to suit your families needs

Various price options available

Printable PDF info sheet

Covers choking, anaphylaxis, fevers, first aid and more!

BONUS add ons!


In response to the recent enforced isolation, we have decided to move all of our workshops into a virtual setting.  We recognize that spending all your time at home with your little ones may come with its challenges, and so we have shifted our focus slightly to provide you the most valuable information to know how to prevent, recognize and respond in the event of an accident or emergency.

We are commmitted to providing you with similar material that you would receive from our in-person courses.  We have seen the value in learning life saving skills, and so we are dedicated to supporting families in any way possible.


What's included?

Our expert educators will guide you through some of the most common infant + child safety topics parents may face:

  • Basics and Emergency First Aid:

    • Burns

    • Bleeds

    • Wounds

    • Falls

  • Allergies: anaphylaxis and introducing new foods

  • Injury prevention

  • Broken bones

  • Head injuries

  • Mechanism of injury: knowing how to respond

  • Fever

  • Choking/mild obstruction/severe choking.  (Please note that we will not be covering CPR virtually at this time.  Yet, it can be covered at a later date).

  • Water safety

  • Poisoning

  • Dehydration

  • Safety awareness in the home

  • Confidence in knowing you are prepared to handle any scenario

  • Time for Q & A and practice!

Your take home gift!

Every person who completes a course at Know More Oopsies & Ouchies will receive a PDF info sheet made by us! Post it on your fridge or a high traffic area in your home to help keep your family feeling prepared!

the details
Awareness and Preparedness: Safety in the Home
how does it work?

All virtual courses will be conducted through Zoom.  Upon confirmation, we will send you a Zoom link in which you can prepare for on your computer, ipad or cell phone.  

In response to the recent enforced isolation, we have decided to move all of our courses into a virtual setting.  We are committed to continue to provide you with all valuable life saving skills and valuable tools that we would typically provide in our private (in-home) and public courses, yet shifted slightly to support the intentions of - AWARENESS AND PREPAREDNESS. 


Conscious parenting starts with the recognition that we all have the ability to shift our awareness to one that is mindful and present, while also feeling prepared (through knowledge and tools) for any future potential, while your little ones are learning, exploring, moving and grooving. 


Similar to our in person workshops, you will still be able to ask our educator questions, watch the practical demonstrations and see our informative slides. 

what will i need?

A notepad, pen, a small doll (see why below!), and a good internet connection!

what if my little ones are around?

That's okay! We recognize we are amongst a time where parents and care givers may have little (or no) time to be alone.  Not to worry - all of the information we share will be appropriate for little ones of all ages! We promise not to be offended if your home is noisy and busy - we get it.

What about cpr?

Learning CPR is most effective with the ability to practice.  At Know More Oopsies and Ouchies, we supply baby and child size dolls that are specially made to be able to practice resuscitations.  For our virtual classes, we ask that you bring a small doll in which you can practice exuding pressure and practice the lessons we teach on CPR.  Our instructor will demonstrate with a specialized CPR doll so you can see how it should be done on a person.

If you wish for a hands on lesson with our instructor, we are more than happy to schedule a short, CPR workshop in the future, where our instructor can come to your home.

learn more-online
  • Our comprehensive ONLINE course is about 2.5 hours in length.

    • $70 per person, $20 for an additional adults (little ones are welcome to attend)​

  • We offer additional, speciliazed courses to suit your families need - anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours in length.  See more information below!

    • Price will be determined based on the style of the course​

book on-line
BOOK now - online
Infant + Child Virtual Safety Courses


Infant and Child First Aid



Learn life saving essential tools to keep your little one safe: basic and emergency first aid, anaphylaxis, introducing new foods, how to respond to choking, fevers, burns ...


2 hours

Plus $20 per extra adult


Pregnant Belly


prenatal: infant safety + first aid



Prepare yourself for the arrival of your little one by learning safety awareness and life saving essential tools a new mother may face: emergency first aid, safety in the home...


1 hour

Plus $20 per extra adult


Sitting Child


family health + safety: from infancy to childhood



We will design a customized course based on your families specific needs.  Whether your little one has developed a new severe allergy, you have an accident prone toddler....


1.5 - 2 hours

Plus $20 per extra adult


Not sure which course is best for you?

let's chat!  |  Tel: 416-417-0413

Thanks for submitting!

  • Who are these courses intended for?
    Parents, grandparents, babysitters, nannies, and older siblings - anyone who will be caring for your little ones!
  • When should I take my first course?
    When it feels right to you! It can be beneficial to take this course while pregnant, yet we have found that perceptions shift once your baby is in your arms and the information we share is more relatable once your baby is 2-3 months old. We always want you to feel confident while your family is growing and developing. As such, you may find it beneficial to take a course with us again as a refresher once your little one reaches new stages. ​
  • Can my little one attend?
    We welcome everyone to our virtual workshops! While some of our conversations may be sensitive in nature, our educator will always speak conciously knowing little ones can be listening. If you are booking a public course with us, we ask that you please keep your child at home. We have found that it is easy to become distracted with your child present, both for yourself and other attendees. Breastfeeding babies are the exception. For all private, in-person workshops, we come to you and your child is more than welcome to come!
  • Do I receive a certification upon completion of a course?
    Presently, our workshops are intended for learning purposes only, and a certification is not granted. HOWEVER, we are planning on creating certification CPR + First Aid courses, so stand by!
  • What age is your workshop applicable for?
    We offer tools and knowledge in caring for little ones between infancy and 8 years of age. However, most of the information we share can be directed to children of all ages!
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